From the humble beginnings of our business, we built this company from the ground up with you in mind. Here at Ascension, we care about what you vape. We care about our impact in the community as well as the environment that provides us the ingredients to make our artisan e-liquid. Our products use organic flavorings, with the exception of our tobacco blends. Naturally derived tobacco flavoring extracts contain nitrosamines and other known carcinogenic compounds (the same found in cigarette smoke). To avoid carcinogenic compounds, we use FDA approved synthetically derived flavorings for our tobacco flavors. Our base solution uses organic vegetable glycerin, and as always, our propylene glycol is optional (propylene glycol is not a naturally found compound). Ingredients can be customized to cater to every vapor’s taste.

Our artisans provide a wide selection of superb flavors ranging from your classic tobacco flavors, to mixed fruits and savory flavors that taste like you are vaping something fresh from a bakery. Our seasonal flavors are sure to capture your senses and bring you into the season’s mood.

We are not here just to make great vaping liquid; we are here because we can all make a difference. As you explore our flavors, you will find that certain lines are dedicated to various social causes. So go ahead and vape as you are helping the community. You are helping the world. Try our flavors today! Curious about our ingredients? Click here to see our statement.

Our e-liquid will go beyond your expectations.